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Montrose R+ Pte Ltd

The healthcare regulatory landscape in Asia is becoming more complex. Local expertise is needed to successfully navigate the complexities and to successfully launch products in the shortest time possible. In order to meet these growing challenges Montrose R+ Pte Ltd (Montrose R+) has been established in Singapore to provide clients with the necessary expertise and advice across Asia. Montrose R+ can advise clients on regulatory and market access affairs matters for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. Montrose R+ works with regulatory affairs professionals based in the different countries who provide the local, up to date expertise. Montrose R+ co ordinates the work of these professionals and ensures the accuracy and quality of their work. Montrose R+ is a joint venture between regenold GmbH and Montrose Associates Pte Ltd, bringing together the industry leading expertise of the regenold GmbH team with the indepth knowledge of the Asian healthcare systems of Montrose Associates Pte Ltd.

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About Montrose Associates
Montrose Associates Pte Ltd (Montrose Associates) was founded in Singapore in early 2000 and provides professional services to companies operating in healthcare that wish to either initiate business or improve existing business in Asia. Montrose Associates works on a project by project basis working with a wide network of independent contractors all of whom have been known by the founder for many years and have all worked for many years in the healthcare industry.

In 2015 a Montrose Associates company was established in Malaysia and in 2016 a Montrose Associates company was established in Thailand. There are plans to open other Montrose Associate companies in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Montrose Associates has worked with clients from Europe, the US and Asia advising them on their business in Asia.

Montrose Associates has worked on assignments with regenold GmbH since 2010.